Ashland Police To Test Electric Motorcycle

By Yessenia Anderson

ASHLAND, Ore. — Police patrols around the city of Ashland have taken on a new look: an electric motorcycle is now a part of their fleet. The test bike is hoping to be the first in more oil free vehicles to come.

The Ashland Police Department has partnered with Brammo, a local company that specializes in electric motorcycles. Their goal is less pollution, lower costs, and equal amount of safety.

The police fleet idea began three years ago Brammo’s Enertia model caught the eye of big screen actor Jackie Chan. With a plan of 300 for Hong Kong, Hawthorne California also requested a proto type, and now Ashland is hoping to take advantage of the oil free technology.

For six months, Ashland Police Officer John Perrone will ride and take notes of benefits and improvements needed. The quiet trip has already proven to be beneficial when approaching a scene.

Before making any calls, if the bike is on empty, it can take four to eight hours to juice up. While the motorcycle is equipped with law enforcement requirements, the typical cameras and on board radios are not available on the models yet.

Also, without top speed capabilities, the bikes are not used for traffic enforcement. Alterations are in the works, as Officer Peronne is along for the ride. After the six-month period, police officials and Brammo will review their findings and determine if they need to extend the testing period or begin a permanent agreement.