Ashland Police Finalizing Exclusion Zone

By Sharon Ko

ASHLAND, Ore. — A new ordinance in effect Thursday will ban repeat offenders from Ashland, but officers say they will not enforce it yet for another week.

The Ashland Police Department is still finalizing the list of offences that qualify and making pamphlets of those offences listed to hand out to violators. Anyone who commits three crimes in a six month period will be banned from downtown. If they come back, violators will face jail time.

NewsWatch12 spoke with businesses and they have been anticipating this ordinance for a while. They say customers have been harassed and it drives business away. But they believe it’s only a small group that is causing the problems.

Ashland Police say once someone is cited, they will be handed a pamphlet that will list all of the violations and rules under the new ordinance.