Ashland Police Baiting Bike Thieves

bikesASHLAND, Ore. — Bike thefts rank the highest when it comes to property crimes in Ashland, now the Ashland Police Department is doing something about it.

In an effort to decrease the number of bike thefts, police are placing “bait” bikes around the city. These bikes are equipped with a GPS tracking device that alerts police the second the bikes moves.

So far, police have only used one bike, but it’s only taken a few hours before the bike is stolen. It’s been stolen 6 times, and five of those times an arrest has been made. The sixth time, the thief ditched the bike before police found him.

“We’ve got a whole garage filled with bikes that are available to us and there are countless different ways to secrete this device on a bike, it can be on any bike any bike out there could be the bait bike,” said Ashland Police Sgt. Tighe O’Mara.

The tracking device syncs with your phone, and allows you to track the bike in real time on the internet. The device is available to the public, but police are not revealing what the device looks like or its original name for security purposes.

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