New Ashland Plaza Officially Dedicated

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ASHLAND, Ore. — The planning and construction stages are over, now the new Ashland Plaza re-design is on display. The barricades have been removed for several days now, but the official dedication of the re-design of the plaza is happening Friday evening.

Friday night is the city’s monthly celebration of local arts; First Friday and officials say the city’s newest piece of art on the walls of the park benches will be dedicated. Construction began just before the new year and Ashland residents say they notice a big difference with the remodel.

City icons like the Lithia water fountains remain in place, however, more benches have been added. Trees at the old plaza were removed, but the re-design does have several more trees planted. Business owners hope the newly re-designed plaza will bring more people out to the city.

Business owners around the plaza say the construction result in a hit to their business, although they say the process did seem to go by fast. The city has been collecting items for several weeks that were placed into a time capsule which will be buried at the conclusion of the dedication ceremony.

The time capsule is marked to be opened a century from now, in 2113.