Ashland Plaza Makeover Discussed

By Yessenia Anderson

ASHLAND,Ore. — City officials said the Ashland Plaza has outgrown its current state, literally bursting at the seems. Old and dying trees are a main concern.

“Roots of those large trees can’t grow down and they are starting to bubble up above the surface,” said Management Analyst Ann Seltzer.

Proposals would also make the location more of a social center. One option would feature a stage, an idea some residents said would help highlight local talent.

“Performances like the marumba band and the fire dancers,” said John Barton.

During the meeting, differences came up on what type of trees should be planted and how; some noted height, others mobility as a priority.

“I am happy to see that they’re improving the botany of the plaza. Some of the lawns are dead, one of the trees is dying,” said Barton.
City officials said public safety will also be threaded through each concept.

“Being able to see across the space into the depths of the space reassure people and people feel more comfortable,” said Seltzer.
While safety is in the blue prints, residents hope the changes will also draw a different crowd.

“Less threatening to both our local inhabitans and our visitors,” said Barton.

While some things are set in stone like the permanency of the water fountain. Residents have contributed to new considerations like the removal of other fixtures. The mailbox and utility drop box to help decrease vehicle traffic.

If you weren’t able to make it Thursday, another public meeting will be held on July 9th.