Ashland Offers Grant For Homeless Center

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ASHLAND, Ore. – The city of Ashland is looking for a new way to give assistance to people on the streets; it’s offering a $50,000 grant to help create a homeless resource center.

For years, the city of Ashland has debated about ways to give assistance to its homeless population, and now they hope this grant will entice an outside agency to step in. The city council is pushing the plan, and wants the center to provide the homeless with sanitary resources like bathrooms and laundry, and access to social services and job training skills.

The agency that is selected to receive the $50,000 grant will be responsible for finding a location and staffing it. Ashland City Council members say the center would be a way to help people get off the streets for good, and help people who may be going down that path.

The grant information was sent to a number of social service agencies across the Rogue Valley. The Salvation Army, which provides meal and shelter services in Medford says it is interested in the center, and plans on applying for the grant. Agencies are being encouraged to apply online.