Ashland Kicks Off Firewise Awareness

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ASHLAND, Ore. — As the fire danger heats up, the city of Ashland is urging homeowners to keep their neighborhoods safe from wildfires.

Ashland Fire has kicked off “Firewise Community Week” in the city. Twelve Ashland neighborhoods have now signed up to become Firewise communities, and pledged to remove flammable vegetation and dry wildfire fuels.

One of the newest neighborhoods to become Firewise is the Green Meadows area, which was evacuated during the Siskiyou Wildfire in 2009.

“They have quite a bit of common area, and they worked together to mitigate the fire hazards in the common area. In addition, they also really mobilized the individual homeowners to complete wildfire safety assessments,” said Ali True, with Ashland Fire.

To learn more about the Firewise community program, contact the Ashland Fire Department.