Ashland Investing in a Sewer Robot

RobotASHLAND, Ore. — The city of Ashland is investing several thousands of dollars for a sewer robot. The equipment allows crew members to get into the sewer lines and check the condition of the pipes every year.

City officials can control the robot and see through a camera that’s attached to it. The camera can move around in every direction.

“We pretty regularly find several issues that we find, and we’re able to correct them before it causes a problem that we’re able to prevent overflows, make repairs before they turn into bigger problems,” said Mike Morrison, Superintendent of Ashland Public Works.

The new robot will look similar to the old one, but will be capable of much more. Morrison says the camera will be in high definition and will be able to store video.

The budget committee approved about $160,000 for Public Works to get a new robot and a van with the control system inside of it. Ashland Public Works officials will go to bid for a new one around the summer. They hope to have a new one by next spring.

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  1. Doug Beck says:

    Over 20 years ago SRI International was designing a pig to examine pipelines. Some of that technology should still be around.

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