Ashland Ice Rink in Need of Roof

ASHLAND, Ore. — Lack of funding could cause further wear and tear on the Ashland Ice Rink.

Park officials are looking to replace a roof over the ice rink that’s been uncovered since 2007, when heavy snow and a tree crushed it. Officials said rain and sun can damage the ice if it’s left without a roof.

Officials are looking to purchase a temporary roof for $112,000 or a permanent year-round roof for $500,000, but the department has several other projects competing for funding.

“For instance, we have some major rehabilitation work that’s going to be needed on the Perozzi Fountain, we have some pretty major work coming up on Daniel Meyer Pool, and some pretty major work on the splash pad out of Garfield Park,” explained Parks Director Don Robertson.

The parks department is talking with city officials to possibly fund the roof.