Ashland Hotel Owners Could Run Red Lion

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford City Council agreed to pay $1.7 million for a portion of the Red Lion at an afternoon meeting, and while the City of Medford makes its part of the red lion purchase final, another hotel company continues talks of a potential partnership.

Mark Deboer says “DHD-LLC” is buying the entire Red Lion lot, but won’t be the one to operate it. The Deboer’s say they’ll just be the facilitators. The general manager of Ashland Springs Hotel confirms today the company is in the final negotiations with the Deboers in Medford to help run the place.

Due to the final negotiations still underway, the general manager would not go on camera. He says the company is excited about the possibility of working with Deboers on the Red Lion and turning around an historic downtown Medford business.

In the meantime, the City of Medford finalized its purchase of its portion of the red lion property at a city council meeting on Thursday. City Councilmember John Michaels says the council looked at the price really closely and decided it was a good deal for the city.

“We really, really do need the parking and also the square footage that we’re paying which is about 11 dollars, if memory serves me right, and some properties downtown go for more,” said Michaels.

The city provided a map, which looks at the part of the Red Lion property that the city will own, with the roughly three-acre area in red marking its portion of the land. The city plans to make that portion of the property a parking lot. The map shows a few structures on it and it also shows which building will come down.

Michaels says they’ll use some of the existing asphalt and add some new asphalt, but he says there’s no word on exactly when that construction will begin.