Ashland Greenhouses Hold Open House

3-29 ashland greenhouseASHLAND, Ore. – Gardners and growers in Ashland celebrated spring Saturday with an open house at the Ashland Greenhouses.

The event is an annual tradition for the garden business, which has been around since 1906. But the current owners say this year stands out as it’s shaping to be their best year yet.

They say current drought conditions are driving demand for drought resistant plants, as well as food items.

“The drought is causing increased prices at the grocery store, so we’re seeing more people are wanting to come in and raise their own vegetables and gardens for the year,” said owner Kelly Brainard.

Brainard says drip irrigation, mulching, and other water-saving techniques are becoming popular with or without the drought as unpredictable rains over the long term force gardeners to adapt.