Ashland Food Bank Offers Home Delivery


ASHLAND, Ore. — The Ashland Emergency Food Bank is now offering home delivery for anyone who cannot physically come to the bank to pick up food.

The program is specifically geared toward the elderly, handicapped, or people without transportation. The new program began on March 1, and officials at the food bank say they have enrolled six people in the delivery program so far.

Pam Marsh is the director at the food bank, and she said with the number of volunteers at the food bank, they can accommodate many more participants.

Marsh said just in the first few weeks of the program, they were able to make deliveries and are enthusiastic about the future of the program. Officials hope that more people will take advantage of the program. To enroll, the participant has a short interview process and is assigned a volunteer to work with.

If you, or someone you know, would like to enroll in the home delivery service, call 541-488-9544.