Ashland First Reading for Marijuana Tax

dispensary pic

ASHLAND, Ore. — Ashland City Council discussed and voted on several ordinances at Tuesday night’s meeting that will move it closer to eventually lifting the moratorium for medical marijuana dispensaries.

At Tuesday’s meeting, there were several ordinances up for discussion. One of those ordinances adressed whether or not to add up to five percent city tax for medical marijuana, and up to a 10 percent sales tax on recreational marijuana if that issue were to pass on the November ballot.┬áThat ordinance passed first reading tonight, along with another ordinance regulating time, place, and manner of dispensaries.

Finally, a land use ordinance passed second reading that regulates locations dispensaries can open.

The council will vote on the two remaining ordinances at the next meeting, and will also introduce a new ordinance at that time that will repeal the the existing moratorium.