Ashland Fire Urges Evacuation Planning

7-30 evac prepASHLAND, Ore. – In light of stormy conditions and numerous fire starts in the area, Ashland Fire & Rescue is advising all residents to prepare for evacuation, even those who don’t live near any of the areas being affected.

Spokespeople with the department say those who wait until an evacuation notice is issued often forget important items. They advise all residents to have a meet-up place in mind, have a pack with food and supplies for up to 72-hours, keep a full tank of gas in the car, and have all important insurance documents in-hand.

They also say to pack other things well in advance just in case.

“Any medications, medications aren’t easy to come by, especially if they’re prescription. You probably want to make sure you have a charger for your electronic devices,” said Division Chief Margueritte Hickman.

If you have any questions about evacuations, Ashland Fire & Rescue operates a 24-hour hotline.

That can be reached at 541-552-2490 or online at www.ashlandcert.org.