Ashland Evaluates Dispensary Regulations

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ASHLAND, Ore. — One neighborhood in Ashland is relieved after the city passed a temporary marijuana dispensary moratorium at the city council meeting last night.

Several residents on Williamson Way were concerned with talks of a medical marijuana dispensary opening just yards away from their homes. Since the building that was requested falls in a commercial and manufacturing zone the building could legally house a dispensary.

After several complaints and a petition from residents on Williamson Way, the city chose to put a moratorium in place while they reevaluate several zoning issues like this in the city.

Residents in the area were glad the city is taking a closer look at the situation.

“I really applaud the city council. And that they are doing the moratorium. Not in the idea of totally restricting these marijuana clinics, but that are taking time and thoughtfulness to consider all of the issues and everyone’s concerns,” said Williamson Way resident, CJ McLaughlin.

The dispensaries in the city that have already been approved for a business license like Puffs Smoke Shop on Ashland Street, will not be affected by the new moratorium and can continue to operate with the city’s permission.

Ashland officials intend to have the moratorium in place for a few months while they work through zoning and public concerns.

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  1. Billbo39 says:

    It hasn’t even opened yet? How can they ban something on hyperbole? Is this what ashland residents call progressive politics? This is an utter waste of time and indulgence in irrelevant, dated and historically damaging traditions.

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