Ashland Encouraging Emergency Preps

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ASHLAND, Ore. – The city of Ashland wants to make sure everyone’s prepared for an earthquake or other disaster. Back in December, the city of Ashland provided free emergency kits to all city employees.

The idea is that employees can use those kits to help themselves or families and then return to work and help the public. The same items in those kits are exactly what the Community Emergency Response Team is recommending you should also have.

They’re using a list of items recommended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They recommend having, non-perishable food and water; a first aid kit; flashlights and extra batteries; a local map and a dust mask.

In that kit, CERT also suggests having a battery-powered or a hand crank radio; moist towelettes; cash and documents; like an emergency contact list; ID’s; insurance information and a wrench or pliers. CERT is also holding an emergency preparedness expo this Saturday at the grove in Ashland for anyone to come check out. CERT is inviting local retailers; they’ll be providing some emergency products at a discount.