Ashland Crews Investigate Grass Fire

grass fireASHLAND, Ore. – Fire crews said fire prevention tactics by a landowner may have bought them some time to stop a grass fire Monday night.

Ashland firefighters received a call about 8 p.m. about a fire burning near A and 6th Streets. When they arrived, they saw the flames were actually burning in a field near the railroad tracks, and was difficult to access. Trucks were sent around to the back side along Rogue Place, and crews were able to stop the flames after they had burned about 1.5 acres.

Firefighters said the railroad company landowners had recently mowed the tall grass in the field, which may have helped slow down the flames.

“If this hadn’t been mowed, it would have been a very different fire blowing across this field, and there’s houses at the far end of the field, in fact into an area where we had a grass fire several years ago,” said Chris Chambers with Ashland Fire.

Ashland Police were on scene investigating. Fire crews said they were looking into whether the fire was human-caused. No structures were burned.