Ashland Council Wants Ban On GMO

ASHLAND, Ore. – The Ashland City Council is asking Jackson County Commissioners to ban genetically modified crops in the county.

The council voted in its meeting Tuesday night to send a letter to the commissioners asking for the ban. Opponents of genetically modified crops say it can contaminate organic crops in Southern Oregon and members of the city council say asking for a ban will benefit local companies that specialize in organically grown crops.

Jackson County Commissioners said an initial report from the county’s Natural Resources Advisory Committee said the county should not create any ordinance against genetically modified crops. Proponents of GMOs say modified plants allow for higher yields, meaning more food for everyone and lower food costs.

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  1. Don Harding says:

    We need to start cleaning up this Valley not just the Soil but also the quiality of Water and Life. We did it with the Air Quality now lets do it with the Farmlands and streams.

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