Ashland Council Discusses Hospital Merge

ASHLAND, Ore. — There was more listening than talking at an meeting between Ashland Community Hospital’s board and the city council.

Several community members were upset when they found out on Wednesday night that they’ll have to wait until the next meeting to ask questions and share their opinion.

The hospital and Dignity Health boards have both given the go ahead for the merger, but they need to get the city council’s approval too. At the meeting, the hospital board members shared why they want to align the hospital with the California-based company.

The next meeting allowing public comment will be November 6th. The council may vote then or they may schedule an additional meeting.

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  1. Lee Mahurin says:

    As a resident of Ashland and a patient of one of their primary care physicians, it seems a natural fit for ACH to go with Asante, as RVMC is the best hospital in our area and they would fit so much better than w/Dignity, in my opinion.

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