Ashland Council Approves Plaza Plan

ASHLAND, Ore. — The city council approved plans to revamp the Ashland plaza Tuesday night.

“So where the design may not be perfect in my mind or not,  moving forward is a good thing,” says Ashland city council member Greg Lemhouse.

There will be six benches installed and three trees planted to shade the plaza. The city is still working out the details of what materials to use and the construction work.

“I don’t think anyone in Ashland can look at that and say that’s who we are and that’s what we represent,” says Lemhouse.

Some community members agree. “I feel like the plaza should have been maintained all along. I think we’re all on agreement on that,” says community member Lisa Stanley.

But Stanley and several other residents feel the design plan takes away from the plaza.

“To say this is a done deal when it’s so not representative of what people feel is wrong,” says Stanley.

But Covey Pardee Landscape-Achitects says it received community input through the city council.

“We try our best to balance things out and use our best professional judgment with the right design. We can’t please everybody,” says Covey Pardee Landscape-Achitects Alan Pardee.

Renovations to the plaza have not been made for at 15 years. The new plan downsized costs from $227 thousand to $170 thousand. Council members say the design plan is not set in stone.

“There will be some opportunity along the way to  maybe tweak it here and there to try and make sure we make a nice of a design as possible,” says Lemhouse.

Construction work is expected to start in the fall.