Ashland Business Gets Emergency Award

standing stoneASHLAND, Ore. — An Ashland business is being recognized for its efforts to prepare for an earthquake or other natural disaster.

Standing Stone Brewing Company received an “emergency prepared business” designation by Ashland Fire and Rescue. It is the first Ashland business to receive the honor.

Employees at the brewery took part in classes that taught how to create an emergency plan in case of disasters. Owner Danielle Amarotico said they have tried to stay prepared ever since the restaurant first opened.

“One of the business decisions we made a long time ago during construction and remodel of the 101 Oak Street location was to retrofit our building for things like earthquakes,” Amarotico said.

Ashland Fire Chief John Karns said he hopes to see more businesses sign up for the program, which is run by the Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT.