Ashland Bike Trails Looking to Improve

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Biking and hiking are common along trails in the Rogue Valley, but they bike and hike along the same paths.  Sharing the trails are causing a problem for some.

The city of Ashland is partnering up with the Ashland Woodlands and Trails Association,  Ashland Mountain Adventures, and several other organizations to make the trails safer and reduce conflict between users.

The plan is to designate specific trails for certain users, according to spokespeson Virginia Gibbons of the Rogue River and Siskiyou National Forest Department.

Dave Patterson works at Marty’s Cycling and More in Medford.  An avid cyclist himself, he said he approaches people walking along the a trail while he is riding. He said he is aware of other trail users and goes slow around them, but other people do the opposite.

“People want to go ride and get rad, and they’re not thinking about an 80-year-old couple coming up with their dog,” he said.

This causes a problem, and is something the city is trying to fix.  Ashland plans to spend $10,000 within the next two years to improve the trails.  Right now there are several trails on the east end of Ashland.  According to Gibbons, the city is looking at building more trails along the west side of town to decrease trail traffic.  They are also looking at linking city trail up with other trails on the outskirts of town.  Gibbons says a decision will be made later this summer regarding the exact plans.