Ashland Art Center Applies For Grant

Ashland Art Center

ASHLAND, Ore. — The Ashland Art Center is hoping to bring more arts to area schools, along with the money to pay for it.  They art center is applying for a grant called the Studio-to-School grant.

This state grant is being offered to any non-profit working with a school district, applications are due on December 16.  $280,000 will be rewarded to the grant winners.

The art center is already working with the Ashland School District, but they said the grant would give them much needed money to improve the school’s arts program.

For example, Ashland Middle School only has two part-time teachers to support more than 200 kids in band.

“If we were able to pay for teachers to come in and supplement… they could be doing sectionals… they could be doing chamber music… all the sudden these kids would have hands on direct instruction, and it would just make them love it all that much more,” said Ashland Art Center founder, Denise Baxter.

The grant winners will be announced in May 2014.  If the Ashland Art Center is awarded the grant, the changes will take place over the 2014 – 2015 school year.