Asbill Trial Day Two

Asbill TrialMEDFORD, Ore. — The Asbill murder trial continued on Friday.  More witnesses were called to the stand to testify.

Travis Asbill is accused of murdering Vietnam War veteran, Donald Mack, with a golf club back in June 2012.  Some of the testimony heard was from Mack’s neighbors.

While some said they did not hear anything at the time of the murder, others heard disturbing commotion, and unsettling screams

“It was like somebody was trying to make a noise to alert somebody or say something, but there were no real words. It was just like they couldn’t speak,” said one witness.

Asbill was previously charged with attempted murder in a separate case back in 2004.  He is being charged with one count of murder now, and has been lodged in the Jackson County Jail since Mack’s murder.  The trial is expect to last for three more days.