Asante Rogue Regional CCU Earns Award


MEDFORD, Ore.— Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center’s Coronary Care Unit (CCU) has been awarded the Gold Beacon Award.

The award is given through the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). To apply for it, a 50 page application must be completed after several months of collecting data.

“This is truly a team effort,” nurse specialist, Anne Hansen, said. “It’s not about one person here, one person there, one nurse, one surgeon, or one cardiologist. To make this award be gold everybody has to come together to be a team.”

There are 13 hospitals across the state of Oregon that have earned the Beacon Award, but only three of them have been the Gold; and of those three, the CCU at Asante Rogue Regional is the only cardiac unit. The ICU is a Beacon Silver Award recipient.

“I’m able to tell my patients yes you have a good doctor, yes this is a place I’d bring my loved one if they had a heart issue,” Sarah Carlyle, the Staff Development Specialist, said. “I trust this place and this validates that on a national level.”

The Beacon Award was created to recognize individual units that show outstanding performance in every facet of patient care. For critical care nurses, this means a positive and supportive work environment with greater collaboration between colleagues and leaders, higher morale and lower turnover.