Asante Observes First “Epic” Baby

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Asante has been using the all-computerized record-keeping system, called “EPIC”, for three weeks now. The hospital says the children being born into the system will have few paper records.

For some, letting go of paper medical records and switching to all-electronic is slow going, but for others that’s all they’ll ever know.

Baby Trevor Siler arrived just as Asante Three Rivers Medical Center made the switch to EPIC. That makes him Southern Oregon’s first baby to have all-electronic records. Trevor’s mom, Jessica, says the electronic records have already made her job as mom easier.

“We had blood work done early one morning, and by the time we had his doctor appointment, his doctor across town had his blood work and was able to have it has his appointment,” said Jessica.

The hospital says that’s one of the benefits of EPIC, preventing delays with instant information updated in the system.

“Everyone can look at the record no matter where they are, other departments, other nurses, everyone can look at the record and see a complete record, and it’s up to date,” explained Linda Torres, with Three Rivers Medical Center.

The system is even available outside of the hospital in doctor’s offices like Women’s Health Center that don’t use EPIC.

“I delivered her baby, but she’s the patient of one of my partners. My partner was able to download the delivery summary, which is typed and legible and then he uses it in the office,” said Dr. Felicia Cohen, an OB/GYN at the Women’s Health Center.

With only three weeks of health history, baby Trevor’s is all there and will grow with him.

“He’s going to have a very clean record of what his immunization records are, what kind of tests he’s had, what types of labs have been drawn,” explained Dr. Cohen.

Asante made the switch to all electronic records on April 6th. Providence Medford Medical Center switched on Saturday.

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  1. JC says:

    There goes everybody privacy don’t people read ANYBODY can see those records now or pull them up that means anytime anywhere that this program is ran in the US and how do you know they aren’t going to share that info with others? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

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