Asante and Ashland Working Together

ASHLAND, Ore. — As the negotiations between Asante and Ashland Community Hospital progress, city officials may now be involved in the discussion.

The City of Ashland Administrator Dave Kanner said things are moving forward for Ashland Community Hospital to merge with Asante, but it’s not a sure thing yet. Both parties are planning to meet several more times to complete the merger. City of Ashland officials, Ashland Community Hospital, and Asante met at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center on Monday.

Dave Kanner┬ásaid there were discussing general issues about ACH and as negotiations continue. The city administrator also said it’s in the realm of possibilities that ACH could file for bankruptcy; the hospital has incurred debt throughout the years.

If bankruptcy were filed, the City of Ashland would pay forth the debt the hospital has incurred. The City of Ashland owns the hospital building and the land underneath the building. With the agreement of a corporation like Asante, all of the financial responsibilities are transferred to the hospital.

If ACH were to go bankrupt, that debt would fall on the city’s shoulders. NewsWatch12 spoke with Ashland Community Hospital and officials tell us the hospital has had no plans to file for bankruptcy. As for Asante, officials said both parties signed a confidential agreement so they cannot say what is being discussed at this point.

Negotiations are continuing and officials said there are many more meetings before the merger is completed. When that merger will be complete is still not clear at this point.