Arthur Puts a Damper on July 4th

Hurricane ArthurNORTH CAROLINA — The Fourth of July plans for millions on the Eastern Seaboard could be in jeopardy, thanks to now Hurricane Arthur.

Evacuations have been ordered in North Carolina, where the storm is expected to make landfall. Many residents are loading up today as they prepare to get out of town before the storm hits, however, vacationers in the area aren’t so lucky, as they are forced to brace for the brunt of the storm.

John Johnas, a vacationer, says, “We are going to weather it out. If it gets bad enough that we have to leave, and we have to go, we’ll head out.”

With hurricane watches and warnings in place, North Carolina’s Governor has declared a state of emergency for 25 counties. Officials say, they believe the storm will hit the area in the morning hours of July 4th.