Arrests Made in Medford Burglary

MEDFORD, Ore. — This past Saturday morning police responded to a burglary in which over $15,000 worth of property was stolen from a Medford home. The residents who were out of town for the weekend asked a relative to stop by the house to check on pets, when the burglary was discovered.

Officers believed the suspects broke in through a back window. They then stole medications, jewelry, make-up, a large amount of electronics and five guns. In addition, a 2006 Kia Sorento, parked in the driveway at the time was taken.

This stolen vehicle, occupied by four individuals, was spotted this past Monday upon which all were arrested. Some of the stolen property from the home was found inside the car including two firearms, televisions and computer equipment. Two of the individuals admitted to the burglary and said they knew the residents were out of town.

This led detectives to a motel room where more of the stolen property was found as well as heroin, methamphetamine and US currency. Two guns still remain outstanding which are described as a 20 gauge shotgun and a .22 caliber rifle.

The suspects include Cameron Gentry, Benjamin Gunn, Kayla Williams, Devon Poff and Justin Brewer.