Arrests Made in Marijuana Investigation

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Law enforcement from across the state joined forces with the Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement team to serve several search warrants in Jackson County.

In all 4 people were arrested and 8 search warrants were served. Earlier Thursday, four people left the doors of Southern Oregon “NORML” in handcuffs as the Medford location was one of several places law enforcement served state search warrants.

Medford police say around 11:15 a.m. Thursday morning, local, state and federal agencies assisted the Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement team search four businesses and three residencies in Jackson County.

Police say these locations were involved in the manufacture and delivery of marijuana. The four people who were arrested face several charges of conspiracy to commit unlawful delivery of a controlled substance within a thousand feet of a school; that substance being listed as marijuana.

“You can’t sell a drug. You can’t sell a controlled substance in this state, you can’t sell marijuana, and that is the criminal charge and that’s what we’re dealing with and that’s what they will be held accountable for,” said Medford Police Chief Tim George.

Among the evidence seized include marijuana, marijuana plants, documents and weapons. Officials say exact amounts of evidence seized will be available at a later time.

Sympathizers to the searches today were upset with the events and said they stand by those arrested. Police say this is not a debate about medical marijuana or the legalization of marijuana, but instead a violation of state law.


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  1. Purple Diamond says:

    It looks to me like it’s time to CHANGE THE LAW in OR.!!! Whoever is knowledgeable on Legislation & involved in medical marijuana needs to get busy. Then we ALL need to bombard the White house with phone calls, emails & faxes & get this fixed once & for all.

  2. Scott says:

    Looks like the police are only targeting some of the pot shops . The pot shop in Ashland sells weed for up to $18 per gram or $8172 per pound ! I guess that is not profit in the eyes of the Ashland PD or MADGE . I was told by the OMMP/OHA and the local law enforcement that these establisments are illegal And if you operate one in oregon you will go to jail . It is odd that some pot stores are busted and others making huge profits go untouched . Not sure of the reasoning behind this. But when people see others making money like they are in Ashland , they want to join in .State run dispensaries will stop this illegal activity and give growers a legal way to dispose of any excess marijuana .

    1. Joey says:

      There is no “pot store” in Ashland. If you are referring to the Greenery, they closed a few months ago and moved to Eugene, now operating as “The Greener Side,” which was, by the way, busted yesterday by cops in that area.

  3. Chas Holman says:

    Yeah, I used to be for medical marijuana.

    But then I saw how it made evil men (like prohibitionists, law enforcement, and those who seem to enjoy pursuing and hurting others over silly silly grass) behave and realized full legalization is the ONLY way to go.

    Game on.. Toss us all in jail.. Start with me.. I don’t care anymore.. Let’s get the show on the road. I’m old, I’m sick. I eat grass daily in lieu of the morphine I once was so dependent on that it was like being in prison.

    The gig is up. Law enforcement, on the issue of marijuana, are predators. They break up families, take peoples things and cause much more harm to people and society than the marijuana ever did. (at a cost of over 1.5 trillion the last 40 years at JUST the Federal level).

    I would LOVE to have the respect for these men and women out there who’s job it is to protect and serve. But I must be honest, as long as we are rounding up my neighbors over a plant, I have ZERO respect. Kids my kids age rounding up people my age even.. It is gross and disturbing and criminal. It has to stop.

  4. DaveMan50 says:

    I agree with Chas, here in Nevada it’s worse. I am 62 and need my cannabis because I am off morphine also. You could respect peace officers but we haven’t any left. Law enforcement is stupid and cowardly thugs.

  5. Joey says:

    I agree with legalization, btw, just pointing out the at the store in Ashland no longer exists, and the new location was shut down. It was in the Eugene area paper.

  6. Spette says:

    Don’t sell it right next door to a grade school. Pretty simple stuff.

    1. CannabisTV says:

      You didn’t pay attention did you? Look it up on Google Maps. Even measured property-line to property-line, it’s 1060 feet, above the 1000 foot limit. And that calculation is “as the crow flies”, a direct line, and also measures starting from the edge of the parking lot. That parking lot is communal, shared with other businesses so it’s not solely for SONORML. Point is, the building isn’t within 1000 feet of a school. That is just the garbage propaganda spewed by federal goon squads operating under direction of Attorney General Eric Holder and the tyrant King Obama.
      Go to CannabisTV.org and educate yourself, purge your ignorance.

  7. StarAngel says:

    So, HOW exactly are those in need of cannabis as medicine supposed to get it if you can not buy it, and you can not sell it? Many cancer patients and others who use cannabis are unable to grow it for themselves, so again, HOW are these people supposed to get their medicine? I do not understand at all. We have murderers on the loose, kidnappers on the loose, gunmen on the loose, burglars with guns on the loose, and meth heads and heroine addicts free because the jails and prisons are over crowded, yet we are still spending valuable resources to go after the one thing that truly harms no one. I guess going after the pot people are easier targets and bring up the arrest quotas much faster than actually trying to go after other criminals. Seems like the police are choosing to take the easiest course by going after the pot people instead of concentrating on the more dangerous crimes.

  8. ED says:

    you people don’t get it do you, It’s not about ommp, It’s about saleing weed. All these shop’s wood shut down tomarrow if they did not charge for the weed. There not into this to help people, there in this for the money. Ommp law says the weed all 6 plants belong to the card holder. Yet you go to any of these places they want your caregivership and half your crop, and then they ask you to pay for your meds win you run out. Im for one am glad to see them busted, they make everybody else who followes the law look bad. Sonormal told me I could grow 500 plants and be legal. This was a lie look at all the bust over the last few years, all had something to do with sonormal. Well duckworth I guess I was right and you were wrong, Im so glad I didn’t hook up with you guys, You have been rippen people off for years, You don’t know the laws, Or you don’t care. But all I can say is enjoy your stay in jail

  9. Phenix says:

    Rumor has it that the cash-strapped justice system in Josephine County had the time and manpower to assist in these raids. Funny, they respond to Jackson County, but here in Josephine County we are told there is no one to respond. Hmmm, maybe someone who is in need of assistance needs to report that there are marijuana growers on their property and someone might show up. Lord knows telling them the truth gets no response.

  10. Friends of Dave Lewis says:

    Justice for David E. Lewis
    Dave Lewis was murdered & burned, Ashland Oregon 9/4/08. Corruption runs deep in So. Ore.; like old Mississippi style injustice. IF growers are black-marketing for personal financial gain & greed, they deserve the long-arm of the law. IF growers are legally helping the ill,dying, veterans, injured and then the growers are being purposefully targeted; shame on those who lock them away; how vile and sickening. The Sheriff in Jackson County, Mike Winters is an egotistical, bad, no-goodnick Sheriff. He was Dave Lewis’ neighbor & friend. He swept Dave’s murder under-the-rug. Winters’ eradication pilot, Burl Brim, has been paid over a million dollars and Dave alleged they were,” ripping the pot, the night before the eradications.Dropping it in black bags and back-packs.” If Dave said it, it was true. He called the truth and said it the way it was.
    Chief eradication pilot Brim had sex with his teenage niece, took her to the Daddy-daughter Ashland high school dance, and then ran his businesses with her for 7 years. A second fatality just occurred under Burl Brim’s aviation business. The military should have been handling these erads all along. Since 2004 Winters & Brim, et.al. were eradicating BILLIONS in marijuana with little to no oversight. We KNOW FACTUALLY Brim employees who smoke pot. The DOJ can only do so much. The DOJ gives money to Winters & he deposits it into Brim’s bank account. If marijuana from Oregon, is turning up in Florida, PA., Texas and elsewhere, it needs to be tracked. Growers lying for money, personal wealth, personal-gain, is wrong. An incredibly bad Sheriff and deputies (or any eradicator) who lies, cheats, steals, pencil-whips, smokes-out, sells-out or rips-pot, needs to be prosecuted too. Winters has openly stated he will not enforce Executive Orders regarding taking guns from citizens, but he will enforce federal marijuana laws ? So which is it ? Under-educated Mike Winters deciding which laws to enforce for citizens of Jackson County ? If Laurie Duckworth was wrongfully targeted, may justice prevail for her. If she was making personal profit, black-marketing marijuana, the law will prosecute. Either which-way; the eradication process needs to be removed from Mike Winters’ corrupt hands and law enforcement from outside Oregon needs to step-in. When the legislators are touring pot-farms, what is the average citizen to think ? If they are going to investigate the Duckworths, they should also forensically evaluate Burl Brim aviation, his employees, and Mike Winters. The hand that reaches beyond the grave, speaks loud and clear. Truly. Justice for Dave Lewis. Father of three. Murdered & burned. Ashland Oregon. We seek JUSTICE, because the victims can not.

  11. duh says:

    The pot heads are all up in arms because up til now they’ve felt like their taking advantage of the law to smoke marijuana as a recreational drug. Don’t get me wrong, I could care less if it’s legalized. In 20 years all the pot heads will be dying off from the cancer caused by inhaling the smoke into their lungs anyway. I’m annoyed with all these pot heads whining about their “medicine” and all their aches and pains! Were becoming a nation of wussies!

  12. Dean says:

    Stupid pot heads. ha ha ha ha. You guys worked to get it legalized and can’ t follow those simple rules. Every person I’ve seen with a grow card is growing way more than they should be. Which means you might as well not have a card at all. They are doing it for an illegal profit. They want to argue that they are being denied their medicine when they can legally smoke all they want. IT’S ILLEGAL TO SELL POT YOU IDIOTS. I think we have proof that pot will make you retarded. Leave it to pot heads to totally misunderstand the law.

    1. CannabisTV says:

      You’re showing your ignorance. It’d be best to just shut up.

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