Arrested Woman Possibly Linked to Thefts

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A woman was arrested for identity theft, but detectives believe she could also be connected to multiple burglaries across the Rogue Valley.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office were out on the 900 block of Niantic Street Tuesday morning. Deputies served a search warrant on 27-year-old Brittani Miller’s residence. They found stolen credit cards, a gun and a travel trailer.

Investigators say what led them to the search warrant started back in June. A victim contacted the sheriff’s office about stolen credit cards, believing Miller was involved. During the investigation, they found Miller used the victim’s credit card to purchase items.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is working with the Medford Police Department to see if there is any connection with the thefts to Miller. In the last two weekends, Medford police say 22 people have reported thefts from inside their RV trailers. The trailers were parked in storage facilities across Medford and Central Point. Victims reported stolen ammunition, firearms and electronics.

“Travel trailers can be an easy target. However,  a lot of the storage units or the places where people store those, do have video surveillance, so that does help deter the crime. And also making sure they’re locked up, another step people can take,” said detective Eric Henderson.

Medford Police say the thieves forced open the travel trailers to steal property. Miller is lodged at the Jackson County Jail.

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