Army Corps Impacted By Shutdown

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is one of those programs in Southern Oregon being hit by the government shutdown.

The Corp says it has enough money left over from last year to keep all staff working until Friday. After that staff will start being furloughed.

Officials at the U.S. Corps of Engineers say the Rogue River’s water level and eco-systems will remain unaffected throughout the shutdown. The U.S. Corps of Engineers says when government funds run out 30% of their staff will be furloughed.

Most of their funding however comes from the Bonneville Power Administration which funds the Lost Creek Dam. Critical employees associated with the dam will keep their jobs no matter what.

Recreation and natural resource employees will be the ones furloughed. Currently, all recreation areas associated with the U.S. Corps of Engineers are closed.

Right now those recreation areas are gated with signs explaining why they are closed. In the past, furloughed employees did eventually get repaid for their time off but this time officials are saying that is unlikely.