Policy to Arm Teachers with Guns on Hold

Eagle Point EAGLE POINT, Ore. — A Southern Oregon school board is considering arming teachers with guns. Wednesday night, Eagle Point School board members made the decision to discuss the procedures and policies before moving forward.

Board chairman Scott Grissom said it would be a deterrent if an active shooter ever came on school campuses. Board member Jim Mannenbach disagreed saying he felt the district should look for federal funding to hire a school resource officer who would have the experience.

Board members decided to form a committee to further discuss procedures and policies before making a decision. Board members also discussed pay raises for administrative staff and superintendent Cynda Rickert.

Several community members voiced their concerns saying the money should go toward hiring more teachers to help students. In the end, the board voted to raise both administrative staff and the superintendent’s salary.

Rickert says one employee no longer works for the district and that person’s salary would go toward the raises of the other administrator pay raises. Board chairman Grissom says Rickert has not had a pay raise since she started working for the Eagle Point School District.  The approval of her pay raise is 7 thousand dollars more, making her salary 129 thousand dollars.

Board members also voted unanimously to continue and support the new emergency system at Shady Cove School next year.


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  1. ED says:

    $129,000 a year wow no wonder there is no money for the schools, and do you think it’s a smart idea to let teachers play the role of the cops? I think not. Giving a gun to a teacher and ask them to confront a armed carzed shooter is stupid not to say full of danger and could get them killed, and also I do believe it to be illegal. I used to live next to kats, the medford teacher who wanted to take her gun to school (What a nightmare that was). how would you like to have to go looking for your dog that got out, and while walking down a county road you have this crazey women come out of her house waving her gun in the air and yelling get off my land or I will shoot you. I infact was on a county road and not on her land. This is the kind of people you want to give guns to? Your only making the problem worse. How about making it were somebody can’t just walk onto school grounds like it is now. You know fences,gates,locked doors, security gaurds are a better way to protect our kids, and a better way to spend the money, than giving guns to people who are not trained to deal with that kind of problem. I say pull your heads out and use them.

    1. Jeanie Simmons says:

      A raise when last year at the strike Cynda and the board could not find the money to give to classified and resulted in a strike Boo Hoo she has not had a raise since she has been there still making 122,000 per year way more than any average person has; whom most of them are starving or living in sub standard situations and instead of getting a raise use that money to educate our children and improve our teaching staffs Cynda is always saying this is about the kids well put your money where your mouth is Cynda and the board are being totally selfish and our community children’s education is suffering from that and the education is not up to par. As far as the gun issue again use that money to hire a professional and not put that kind of pressure or situation on a teacher hopefully this would never happen. SELFISH SELFISH SELFISH

      1. Jeanie Simmons says:

        A raise……….. when last year Cynda and the board could not find the money for classified and the bus situation which resulted in a strike BUT this year they have the money for raises!!!! SHAME SHAME…. Boo Hoo Cynda has not had a raise since she has been at the district; making $122,000 per year would feed a lot of older people so they did not have to work at Walmart and live in sub standard conditions and allow our young people to not work to help support their families; instead focus on school/education and being young!! Take that money Cynda and put it where your mouth is; you always say “it is about the kids” well give it to the kids and improve their teaching staffs and education. as far as the gun situation do not put the teachers that kind of stressful situation use the money to hire a professional!!!

  2. Brian says:

    Grissom is a NUT JOB, this makes no sense at all. One, there is no way in hell that the union will sign on to this; two, how can you fund the extra hours that the staff will have to spend in training to handle a weapon in a crisis situation; three, are they prepared for the exodus of students from the district that this will surely bring from concerned parents not wanting their kids in this type of environment. If you have a kid in this district let them know this is lunacy.

  3. Frank says:

    I wouldn’t want my child exposed to that type of environment, as well as making guns accessible to children. It only takes one teacher to forget to lock the gun up or leave the key out for a child to get ahold of it. And another point, inexperienced shooters are more likely to shoot the wrong person. I can just see someone aiming to shoot the shooter and a stray bullet streaming through the wall/window and hitting a young child. It just seems like it isn’t going to solve the issue. If there is an issue of kids coming to school with guns in this area they need to work out the root. Maybe parents aren’t being responsible enough? I agree with the above posters and there are better ways to handle a situation if the school is becoming violent.

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