Subway Robbery Suspect Arrested


MEDFORD, Ore. – A Medford man has been arrested after robbing the Subway located on Main Street in West Medford early Sunday morning.

The suspect, transient Robert Houle, reportedly ordered two sandwiches before jumping over the counter and ripping the cash register out. The female employee fled to the bathroom and locked the door.

Houle fled from the store on foot and was seen running through Albertson’s parking lot carrying the register by two male witnesses. The witnesses approached the suspect which led Houle to drop the register and continue running. Officers located Houle at Hawthorne Park and arrested him a few hours later after the incident.

The cash register contained less than $200, but is worth an estimated $4,000 and was damaged during the event. The money was not recovered.

Video surveillance led Medford police to identify the 27-year old, who was later spotted in Hawthorne Park. Houle admitted to the crime and was taken to the Jackson County Jail.


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  1. Frank Rayburn says:

    There’s no mention of a weapon in the article. So was it “armed robbery” because he used his arms to carry the cash register or just “yellow journalism”? He was approached by a witness after the robbery, dropped the cash register and fled. Would an armed person do that? Was the witness armed or just “yellow journalism? Is sensation more important than accuracy with news reports these days… It seems it is…

    1. Alyssa Caroprese says:

      Hi Frank. The Medford Police Department classified the incident as a “Strong Armed Robbery.” This is what the press release stated. Although there is no weapon mentioned, we seem to be under the impression that the “strong armed” was in reference to the suspect jumping on the counter and ripping the register off of it. Hope this helps to clear things up for you.

      NewsWatch12 Staff

  2. Frank Rayburn says:

    He was booked for “Robbery 3, Theft 2 and Criminal mischief” nothing about armed robbery

  3. Michelle Houle says:

    I am Roberts Mom. My question is why has the Medford police continually released my son from jail? They know he has been on Meth ,Heroin and god only knows what else. I am so sorry Robert did this. I wish to god there was away to stop the drugs that are ruining his life and mine!

  4. Michelle Houle says:

    I should have said watching your child kill themselves on drugs is the hardest thing anyone should have to go through .Pretty sad when you pray for them to get arrested just so you know they are alive one more day. I hope and pray they don’t just dump him back out on the streets. He will just keep on the same path he is on. I know the pers

    on on the inside NOT THE PERSON PEOPLE SEE ON TV>
    Michelle H

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