Are There Fire Tornadoes In Oregon?

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Forest fires often decide where they want to go, independent of the weather conditions.  High winds will have an effect on how a fire might move.  Hot temperatures with low humidity can also play a part.  But, sometimes, the heat from the fire can draw air into it as it rises, causing 40, 50 or even 80 mph winds.  And, just like a real tornado, this air spins into the rising air and can create a, “Fire Tornado”.

There are many forest fires in Oregon that have created Fire Tornadoes.  Just in the last year you can see several of these amazing phenomenons of Nature…that happened right here in Southern Oregon.

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  1. chris tangey says:

    As an Australian I’m afraid I have but one thing to say: “that ain’t a fire tornado…. THIS is a fire tornado!” http://youtu.be/66Yte03B3Lo

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