Architects Design Potential Headquarters

potential mpd headquartersMEDFORD, Ore. — A local architecture company is working with Medford Police to design the new headquarters set for completion next year. The proposal in the photo is one of two possibilities. The three story building will have an attached, secured parking garage for police cruisers and for transporting people for questioning.

This design shows brick, metal panels and lots of glass. The architect says from the moment you turn down the street, police wanted everyone to be able to see the entrance. It will be located on the corner of 10th and Ivy Streets.

“And of course it needs to be secure and that’s part of the reason that we have this wall … it’s a planter wall, but it also provides some security at that corner of the building. So we have to balance the need for openness and accessibility with the need to kind of harden the building against threats,” said David Wilkerson, the principal architect at ORW.

The work on the second design option for the headquarters begins next week.