Archeological Dig Begins in Jacksonville

9-24 jbo jacksonville digJACKSONVILLE, Ore. – A decade-long archeological dig is set to resume in Jacksonville next month.

The dig is on the site of the old Chinese quarter from the late 1800’s.

Archeologists say the once thriving residential and commercial area now exists entirely underground. Little is written about the area’s history other than what they say were some pretty racist laws.

Despite building much of the infrastructure in the area, its residents often faced fines due to race.

“They had a tough time of it. But they were no more foreign than Peter Britt, who was from Switzerland, or a lot of their other neighbors who were from other countries as well,” said lead archeologist Chelsea Rose. “So how we got from there to here is really interesting.”

Researchers say they’ve already worked the site three times in the past decade, but still only have an incomplete story of the area’s history.

The dig starts with a kickoff event October 12th. The event is open to the public.