Applegate Fire Tests New Training Prop

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. – Applegate firefighters are putting some brand new training equipment to the test.

Recruits went through live fire exercises on their new portable burn prop on Sunday.

The exercises were part of a training academy that will put 14 new recruits on the field. This exercise was the first time the prop has been used. It’s designed to mimic real life fires as much as possible.

Until now, the fire district made use of old or abandoned buildings, which sometimes contained asbestos or other harmful materials. They say this new method is safer and cheaper.

“You know, in the past if the live fire training opportunities are few and far between, that first live fire is probably going to be truly live,” said Fire Captain Brett Fillis.

Of the fourteen graduating recruits, nine will be stationed at Applegate Fire District. The rest will be at Jackson County Fire District Five.