Apartments Proposed in Medford Downtown

SkyboxMEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Urban Renewal Agency is considering a proposal for a raised apartment complex downtown. The project, dubbed “Skybox,” would be entirely privately funded.

After hearing a proposal last night, MURA has cleared the way for negotiations to begin on the project, which would add 25 one and two-bedroom apartments to the downtown area.

As it stands, the Skybox Complex would be placed above the parking lot on central ave across from the library. It would keep that lot in place, adding ten spaces but reserving some for residents.

Mura officials say it’s the first compelling proposal they’ve seen for downtown living, something they say is sorely needed. Since it’s privately funded, all the developers are asking is to purchase the airspace for the price of one dollar.

Mura ultimately has the power to green light the project, but won’t do so without input from rogue community college, which they say has become a major partner downtown. They say r-c-c’s stance so far remains a mystery.

“Rogue Community College will be a factor, but we don’t know what’s on their drawing board for the future, so until we do it’s hard to say,” said MURA Board Member Chris Corcoran

RCC officials were not available to comment on the proposal on Friday. MURA board members say they will wait to hear what plans the college might have for that space as part of negotiations. Those negotiations are expected to take several months.

If MURA ends up approving the skybox complex, they say construction would likely begin next summer. That construction would leave the parking lot unusable for three months, but MURA officials say the lot sees little use during the students’ summer break.