Anxieties Rise From Stabbing in Hawthorne Park

By Steven Sandberg

May 9, 2011

MEDFORD, Ore. — A daytime stabbing in Medford’s Hawthorne Park has police officers picking up patrols and parents keeping a close eye.

Parents say it was widely known that you avoid Hawthorne Park at night, but after a daytime stabbing, it has them looking over their shoulders.

Medford police say the attack happened around 4pm on Sunday afternoon, when three men ganged up on a man near the pool area.

The victim, 21-year-old Michael Gregory, was stabbed in the abdomen and was taken to Providence Hospital.

Hospital spokesmen did not return calls on his condition. The three attackers were arrested and are currently in Jackson County Jail.

Medford police say some of the people involved were homeless, and say those fights are common in Hawthorne Park. They say attacks on other people in the park are rare, but parents say Sunday’s stabbing has them on edge.

Parents at Hawthorne Park say they hope something like a neighborhood watch comes out of this attack, and police are responding to the concerns. Medford police say the attack will have them increasing patrols in the Hawthorne Park area, keeping a close eye in the daytime to see if anything seems out of place.