Anti-GMO Campaign Kicks Off

GMO Crops Protected by GovernmentMEDFORD, Ore. — A couple months before Jackson County voters will decide whether to ban GMO’s, one group is kicking off its campaign to support the ban.

The group, “Our Family Farms Coalition” is holding a launch party. They say they’re trying to rally volunteers and layout strategies ahead of the May election.

The measure would ban anyone from raising genetically engineered plans in Jackson County. The kick-off event starts Thursday night at 5:30 p.m. at the Woolworth building in downtown Medford.


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  1. wrap your head around this says:

    So how are you going to regulate all the mom and pop gardens out there if you ban GMO”s? In essence, GMO”s have been around since Adam and Eve. The hardy plant survives and genes are past down. Labs have just been able to select the best genes to make the best plants. So much for you supporting 4-H and FFA students. You eat three times a day. YOU had better thank a farmer who most likely uses GMO’s.

    1. Paula says:

      You obviously do not understand the science behind genetically engineered crops. GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) have not been around since Adam and Eve. They do not occur naturally. They are created in a laboratory by taking bacteria from a completely unrelated species and blasting it into the cells of a plant. At no time in history has nature ever crossed a fish with a tomato, but that’s what’s happening now.

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