Another Round of Thunderstorms Today

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Today will be the third day in a row that we see thunderstorms in our forecast area. Once again, storms are expected to reach from the Coastal Range all the way to the Eastern Klamath Basin. Monday was a busy day with the storms. over 80 lightning strikes were recorded in Jackson County alone. There were about 900 total strikes in the entire forecast region! Because of where the storms are coming from (the southeast), there is very little moisture associated with these storms. However, instability is strong enough and that, mixed with daytime heating is popping up these thunderstorms in the afternoons.

The fact that moisture is scarce, spells very bad news for fire weather. Because of the extreme dry air at the surface, any rain in these storms will fall through this dry air and evaporate. This will create the threat for dry lightning. Scattered dry lightning over dry fuels can create new ignitions. Winds will also pick up this afternoon and any new lights, and previously started fires have the potential for spreading. Therefore the RED FLAG WARNING is still in place for all counties east of the Coastals until 11 p.m. tonight. The coastal areas in Del Norte, Curry, and Coos have all expired their warning. Activity is not expected anymore in these areas. Tomorrow will bring more showers to the area (compared to thunderstorms), due to a cold front pushing onshore overnight Tuesday.

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Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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