Another Round of Showers & Storms

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More sun is expected today and warmer afternoon temperatures as a result. We had quite a bit of clouds blanketing the skies on Tuesday which prevented temperatures from warming much and also prevented thunderstorms from developing. Today should bring more sun and a more active afternoon/evening.

Rain showers that are still left over from last night are making their way through Modoc and Lake Counties. Throughout the morning, the cloud cover and showers will continue traveling further east. Partly sunny skies on the East Side will then turn mostly sunny. Throughout the afternoon, building clouds will bring more showers and storms.

Thunderstorms should be isolated over the Klamath Basin but more scattered over Siskiyou County (meaning more are expected here). This is because Northern California will start off with more sun, allowing temperatures to warm more. Heavy rain is likely with any storms that do develop.

The active afternoons/evenings will continue for the Cascades, Basin and Northern California all the way through Sunday. Even the Rogue Valley could see some thunder and lightning. For now, this threat is on Friday and Sunday but may be expanded to included Saturday as well.

The heat is not expected to let up through early next week. Highs will stay in the mid and upper 90’s across the West Side and Shasta Valley through Tuesday.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese