Another Person Suspects Home Was Shot


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WHITE CITY, Ore. — Another person in the neighborhood of Saturday night’s drive by shooting believes her house fell victim to the violence as well.

Griselda Marney returned from a weekend away yesterday and noticed what she believes to be two bullet holes in her house. This comes after a suspected drive by shooting just yards from her house on Saturday night, and after her next door neighbor found a bullet in his home.

The shooting occurred near the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Avenue H in White City.

Marney says she is glad she was not home at the time, as the parts of her house that were hit are where she would have most likely been.

“I’ve always felt safe. I never thought this could happen and not just one shot, but two shots. it’s a little too close for comfort,” said Marney.

The sheriff’s office did respond to Marney’s property on Tuesday¬†to document the damage. Law enforcement is still looking for the suspects involved in that shooting. If you have any information, contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.