Drug Traffic Arrest in Medford


MEDFORD, Ore. — A California man is behind bars after Medford police teamed up with a federal agency to arrest a man on a bus earlier this week.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security investigations worked with the Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement (MADGE) team to catch the suspect as he was passing through Medford.

Police say 28-year old Flavio Jaimes Toribio was carrying about four and a half pounds of methamphetamine on a public bus stopping in Medford on Monday. Officials believe his final destination was a larger city on I-5 north of Medford.

“Even though it travels through the Rogue Valley and ends up in the Portland and Vancouver area, often times it comes back from our dealers traveling and bringing it back here so anytime we can impact any of the large scale dealers in the region, we’re going to do so,” says MADGE Lieutenant Brett Johnson.

Officials say they generally get a handful of drug traffic arrests made on public buses every year but this makes two in one week.