Another Day of T-Storms, Then Sun/Smoke

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A thunderstorm rolled up the Eastern and Southern part of the Rogue Valley, depositing marble sized hail in Phoenix, pea sized hail in Medford…and heavy rain as far north as White City.  Numerous showers and thunderstorms covered the northern and western areas of southern Oregon.

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  1. J Dunn says:

    Can u tell me why haven’t the clouds been seeded to help put out these devastating fires? We have the technology and our poor fireman are risking their lives, people are losing their homes, and most everyone in the area is fighting very unhealthy side effects of the smoke. How much more loss in life ( Jesse Trader) and property must we suffer before someone seeds the clouds to put out the fires? All the money being spent on firefighters and helicopters, water trucks, etc should be used to safely seed clouds instead of risk lives.
    Desperately seeking clean air,
    J Dunn

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