Animal Shelter Faces Eviction Near Yreka

SISKIYOU COUNTY, Ca. — A shelter owner is on the verge of eviction this month. Nearly fifty dogs at a no-kill shelter near Yreka might soon be without food, shelter and water.

Officials served the owner of the shelter, Charlot McClendon an eviction notice. She’s now responsible for 45 dogs and some of which have special needs suffering from either blindness, deafness or simply old age.

Mcclendon is hoping to catch a break with court officials next week to gain some more time to look for a new place. Otherwise, she and the dogs will be without shelter and stuck in the cold.

McClendon shared, “Where will the dogs go? That’s the problem is where would the dogs go and for them to go back to a shelter where it’s a scary place for any dog and it’s not the shelter’s fault its just the atmostphere. For them to go back to that would be a huge setback for these dogs.”

She plans to bring a group of dogs to the Pet Smart in Medford this weekend for an adoption event starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday.


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  1. Shannon Miranda says:

    Miranda’s Rescue, a no-kill animal shelter in Fortuna, CA, may be able to help relocate your dogs. Please call me, Shannon Miranda, (707) 498-4448 and check out our website so you will know we are a genuine 501c3 Corporation.


    Please call me! These animals must be saved!

    Shannon Miranda

  2. JTF says:

    Is there a way to contact the shelter, (McClendon) by email or phone, to help place the dogs? Thanks

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