Animal Shelter Budget Crisis

By Yessenia Anderson

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Josephine County Animal Shelter is facing a budget deficit that threatens their livelihood and their rescues.

In an effort to help with that funding crisis, officials turned to the community for support. On Friday, a proposal was tabled by commissioners keeping dogs out of harms way, but organizers say their job is only half done.

With the help of the Josephine County Library, the animal shelter brought their operation to their front lawn. More than a dozen kittens, cats and dogs were up for available for adoption on Saturday afternoon.

Organizers hoped to find the animals a “forever home” and help reduce incurring costs at the shelter. The shelter was saved from closure; they were given a reprieve to stay in business for now. Officials said they are now considering ideas that will help them stay afloat going forward.

“If people were to license their dogs, we could have enough money right then to go on, but if not were looking at options like maybe forming a non-profit or major fundraising,” said volunteer coordinator, Gale Parker.

Shelter officials said licensing costs can range from $18 to $38 a year and can help in a speedy recovery if the pet is lost. Without a permanent solution in hand, shelter officials said the on-going support of the community is crucial to their survival right now.