Animal Rescue Investigation Continues

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Investigators are still trying to determine how to charge the homeowner in the Josephine County Animal Rescue Case Newswatch 12 first reported on Friday. NewsWatch12 had a crew at the scene as deputies seized more than 200 starving and deprived animals from a ranch in Cave Junction.

The homeowner of that farm isn’t unfamiliar to law enforcement. Kandy Crow has charges of animal abuse and neglect dating back to 2006 and her criminal history could play a role in this current case.

Animal Legal Defense Fund, a group assisting the Josephine County’s District Attorney’s Office, says it’s a possibility that Crow could face 6 to 9 months behind bars. On Friday, the county seized over 200 animals and the spokesman explained it’s a possibility that a judge could make each separate count of animal abuse or neglect consecutive.

On Friday, when NewsWatch12 spoke with Crow’s son, Robert Crow, he said many of those animals were raised and sold for profit. The animal advocacy group said Oregon law recognizes that animals can be used for agricultural purposes, but not when someone starves them.

“Assuming the sake of discussion, the necropsies of those animals come back and the cause of death is starvation, dehydration, then the fact that these might be characterized as some of these animals might be characterized as livestock or part of agricultural operation isn’t going to be a defense,” says senior attorney and criminal justice program director of Animal Legal Defense Fund, Scott Heiser.

Animal Control discovered three horse skeletons and bones of rabbits, chickens and dogs on the 1700 block on White School House road on Friday.

Over the weekend, they discovered several more dead animals on Crow’s property. Currently, volunteers and Animal Control are housing the animals.

Heiser says if Crow is convicted of animal abuse and neglect, she could end up paying whatever it costs the county to take care of her animals.


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  1. Lynne Vanderlinden says:

    Josephine County is as much at fault as Ms. Crow. We in the IV have been reporting her for years concerning her starving animals, but as long as she had one bale of hay in her barn, Animal Control turned a blind eye and gave her a pass. Complaints started long before the current “budget crunch”, so the County can’t fall back on their favorite excuse.
    Sadly, there are several starving horses, etc. here in the IV. They have been reported to Animal Control as recently as 2 weeks ago, yet there are horses still eating their own manure in barren corrals. These poor things are so thin I don’t know how they can survive day after day. Again, as long as they are thrown a flake of hay every now and then, Animal Control claims they can’t do anything.

    1. Tina Nelson says:

      Kandi Crow has been getting away with this to long. She was reported for years when she lived on Riverbanks always having dead animals in the field bloating with birds feeding off them and no water for those little mini’s on the hottest days. She cross breads and claims they can be registered when intact they can not. For a family living on the Oregon System why is it she can afford so many animals and not afford to feed herself and hard working people pay for her medical…She always asks for cash when selling animals Why do you think she does that….If she is allowed to have any of these animals back it’s Shame on Jo. Co. Animal Control….

      1. Terri says:

        Yes, I agree with everything you are saying. We also observed the dire care of those poor ponies and their sad son Dakota, so searching for love at school. Now the Dad is blaming the lack of care for his animals on that 17 yr. old.? What a Dad of the year! This is a far reaching tragedy. In 2000 the state of Washington had Kandi Crow kicked out due to animal abuse and neglect. I found out this fact from a mini pony breeder who fought this lady’s cruel treatment of pony’s for years. Kandi is also in business with some lady in Rogue River who she processes her ponies through so more are probably out there. I e-mailed the Animal Control office earlier this week and got a response “I have no idea what you are talking about”. Nice!

        1. Deanna says:

          Its up to the judge not Josephine County Animal Protection.

        2. Marci says:

          Please send any info you have to the Sheriff dept. We are very interested in Kandis previous dealings with animal abuse.

  2. Hyiah Sirah says:

    This is far from an isolated case, and is not confined to Josephine County. I have seen starving animals in Jackson County, also, who’ve been reported on again and again. Animal control cannot do anything as long as there is some food on the property, even if the amount is ridiculously inadequate. THIS LAW NEEDS TO BE CHANGED. There needs to be an alternative
    standard, such as using established standards to evaluate an animal’s body condition.

  3. Kathy says:

    I think that the county needs to do more to help abused animals if a person is reported for abuse or neglect. The state needs to investigate every case and if there is food for the animals but they are emaciated then common sence is they owners are not feeding and the animals need to be removed. Now if they have proof that the animal was just rescued in the condition then the county should make sure it is being cared for properly. The sad thing is the state doesn’t really care they get reports and do nothing until there are dead animals. What do you think they do to thier kids if the pets are treated like this. The Judge and state need to make an example of these people and the person from the state that came out years ago and did nothing needs to be punished as well. That way other officers well take animal abuse more seriously and do follow up visits like they would if it was a child abuse case. People do this to animals because no one gets in trouble they use the animals just to breed and sell the babies so they can make money. How would you feel if you were starving and pregnant? This is so wrong and the only reason the law is doing anything now is because the Media got the story. I guess people should just start contacting the papers when the law does nothing. I really hope these people go to jail for at least 10 years. That would make other abusers think twice. This is just sad and if they didn’t have the money to feed the animals they should have stopped getting more and just given away the ones they had. There are always options they have no excuse for what they did to these pets. I really hope the judge is an animal lover so they will get plenty of jail time

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