Animal Park Prepares for Cold Weather

Wildlife-SafariWINSTON, Ore. — Wildlife Safari tenants are preparing for the chilly temperatures and snow to come.

Staff members say Thursday was much colder than normal. With frost still on the ground at noon, most of the animals were kept indoors until the early afternoon.

While many of the animals adjust to the changes in weather fairly well, the chilly weather is only going to get worse. The brunt of the cold is expected to hit Saturday.

So, staff members thought it best to hold a meeting Thursday morning to figure out a game plan for the next few days. Their biggest concern being a loss of power to the more than 600 acres of land.

“With these cold temperatures, the likelihood of a power outage, with the snow and the ice that could lean on the power lines, that’s very likely. And so we’re staging generators throughout the park in areas and centralized heating areas where we’ll be able to move a lot of our animals,” said Dan Brands, General Curator.

Employees say all the animals will have a place to hole up in and wait out the frosty weather, each of which were all fully stocked with extra bedding and heat lamps.

Staff members say they always have someone on site at all times to make sure all the animals are taken care of if anything happens overnight, like the power going out.